New 8 Wrap Coils Kit Guns Tattoo Machine 6 Colors Paint Pigment Sets LCD Power Supply Permanent Needle Tattoo Set Free Shipping




‚󏬆1 x¬†Top Tattoo Machine For Lining And Shading.

‚󏬆1 x¬†Top Quality Lcd Power Supply System, Foot Switch And Clip Cord

‚󏬆6 x¬†Bottle Of Tattoo Inks

‚óŹ 10 x¬†High Quality Pre Made Sterile Tattoo Needles

‚óŹ 1 x¬†High Quality Tattoo Machine Grip

‚󏬆2 x¬†Stainless Steel Tips (5M1,5Rt)

‚󏬆10 x¬†Tattoo Ink Cups

‚󏬆10 x¬†Grommet Keep Needle Steady

‚󏬆10 x¬†Rubber Bands Avoide Machine

‚󏬆10 x¬†O-Ring Sure Spring Smooth

‚󏬆3 x¬†Adjustment Tool Set For Machine

‚óŹ 1 x¬†Machine Cover And 1Pc Clip Cord Cover

‚óŹ 1 x¬†After Care Cream

‚óŹ 1 x¬†Gloves

‚óŹ 1 x¬†Practice Skin And 1Pc Transfer Paper

‚󏬆1 x Cleaning Brush Set

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