We’ve Got the Perfect Solution for Your Minimal Tattoo Wants and Needs


A couple of years ago I told my dad that I dyed my hair purple and his response was, “Thats fine as long as you don’t go getting tattoos.” Of course my mind wasn’t even thinking about tattoos, but once he said that I started thinking about how cute a pineapple tattoo would be. Pineapples have always been special to me, and I have been doodling them in notebooks, decorating with them, and eating them since… forever. It’s no joke that I love pineapples, but on me forever? Still wasn’t sure.

Through searching about tattoos, I came across Inkbox, which is a semi-permanent tattoo that looks real but lasts for two weeks. It’s applied in 15 minutes like a temporary tattoo, but develops in the skin like a Polaroid within 24 hours. The formula is organic and safe for the skin 🙂 And listen to this: Starting in September, they will have the option to upload your own designs! (psst – we got a sneak peek) Read on to see the different ways you can apply Inkbox tats.

Here we go! As Inkbox says: Make temporary bad decisions.

First things first — design some tattoos! We’ve come up with a few, which you can download right here. Download these and edit to your desired size. Then starting in September you can upload them to Inkbox [CREATE] and get the custom tattoo sent to your door!

Following the instructions is very easy — remove the sticky white paper, stick to your skin, and then peel off the black backing. Remember that you can only stick it down once, so place it wisely.

Use the alcohol wipe to dab onto the ink pad. Don’t go too close to the edges or your tattoo could bleed.

Microwave your provided cloth, fold in half, place on the tattoo, and press extremely hard for the first 30 seconds. Continue holding in place for the next 15 minutes. It is super important to not move the cloth. Since I am a multi-tasker, this was very hard for me. In return, I paid for the consequences in the results, which was a bleedy tattoo. Avoid my mistake — do not move the white cloth.

Once your 15 minutes is up, peel off the tattoo and wait for it to dry. Rinse with soap and water and wait 24 hours for the tattoo to fully develop.

Another option Inkbox provides is ink for freehand drawing. This ink works just like henna — draw onto clean skin and wait an hour for the ink to dry. Once dry, peel it off and wait 24 hours for the tattoo to develop.

Gah! We can’t get over the results! Looks so real! We Love ❤

Inkbox can be applied anywhere on your body. Back tat or tramp stamp — Inkbox has got you covered. (Insert laughing emoji here)

The free hand ink is pretty addicting. Anita went for it with small, minimal tattoos on her fingers.

So here I am with purple hair and two tattoos 😉 Don’t tell my dad.



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