Pro Electric Manicure Machine Nail Art Equipment Manicure Pedicure Files 30 Drill Bits 300pcs Sanding Files Nail Tools


Product Details:
Rotation Up to 30,000 RPM
Easy to use dialing speed control
Forward and reverse operation switch
Improved Version : Quiet and smooth – very low vibration vesign for comfort grip
Improved handpiece cable ending design so that the cable will not loose out easily
Improved handpiece holding area to prevent overheating during a long period of usage.
Optional Foot pedal for easy operation and comfort
Use for both pedicure and manicure
The nail file can be used for natural as well as artificial nails For professional studio use or home use
Voltage: ** 110V~240V **
If your address is in 220V~240V countries like e.g. United Kingdom / Australia / All European Countries / etc, then we will send a 220V~240V standard machine to you
If your address is in 110V~120V countries like e.g. U.S. / Canada / Japan , then we will send a 110V~120V standard machine to you
Operation Detail:
plug in the electric cord of the transformer to the main electric outlet
turn on the on/off switch on the transformer.(machine should be at the lowest speed when turning on)
select the desired speed by turning the variable speed control knob on the transformer
The black switch in front of the transformer, next to the speed control selection knob is for forward and reverse rotation direction
To use the foot pedal control,connect the end of the cord from the foot pedel to the out put hole at the back of the transformer and press down on the foot pedal
To secure the bits: push in the desired bit firmly into the hole at the rotating head of the hand piece until the second lock click.(please note the bit has to pass through)
To remove the bits: turn off the machine and gently pull the bit out.
Safety rules:
Always unplug the tool when you change accessory or collet
Do not engage the shaft lock button while the tool is running
Do not use near or place in water.if motor falls into water, unplug not reach into water
Do not touch the bit after use. The bit is too hot to be touched by bare hands
Keep dust out of eyes and lungs by using protective eyewear or a dust mask
Always unplug it aftr use
When the machine is not in use, all tool must be stored in a dry location abd keep out of reach of children.
 Package Components:
1x Electric Nail Drill Machine : Main control + Handpiece
1 x Table Stand for handpiece
1 x Foot Pedal Power Control
30 x Electric Nail File Drill Bits (With 3/32″ (2.35mm) shank size)
6 x Bits / Filing Heads (includes 1pc of emery rod with 4 sanding bands)
100 x 80″ Sanding Bands
100 x 100″ Sanding Bands
100 x 120″ Sanding Bands

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