Black Bottle Coscelia 10ML Pure Color 26 Colors UV Gel Nail Polish Nail Gel Long-lasting Macaron Gel Polish



New coming soak off UV gel, a true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear nail color. Goes on like polish, wears like gel and remove in minutes.

The Hand & Nail Harmony GREENSTYLE Soak Off Gel polish must be cured with LED light or UV Light systems. Must be applied over GREENSTYLE Foundation or Structure Gel. Do Not Apply directly to the natural nail.

How to use:

You’d better use primer before making the gel

apply a thin layer soak off gel to all 5 nails.

Cure for 2-3 minutes in the UV lamp.

Apply second coat of color using the same process.

Finally use the top coat

How to remove:

In order to soak off your gel fingernails, you will need to the following supplies: nail files or emery boards, cotton swabs, acetone and cuticle stick.

To begin taking off your gel fingernails, begin scraping them with a nail…

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