1 Set Nail Print Template Nail Image Plate Stamper Scraper Nail Art Stencils Stamping Template DIY Manicure Tools




Easy to handle and operate
Large stamper for larger nail stamping designs
Small stamper for smaller nail stamping designs
Creat your own beautiful style nail design
Suitable for professional and home use

How to use:

Remove protective film from the image plate
Apply a Base Coat to your Nail
Apply designed nail polish to selected image on the plate
Scrape across plate with scraping tool to remove excess polish from the plate
Quickly press the Stamper onto the plate to pick up the design
Stamp the image onto your nail by pressing down and lift up immediately for lasting wear apply Top Coat
Complete each step as quickly as possible
Clean the Stamper and Scraper with Nail Polish Remover after each use

Important Before Use: To ensure proper image transfer, use a nail file to remove the glossy part of the white stamper, otherwise the design will not transfer to the stamper correctly.


Material:plastic and silicone
Color:As the pictures show
Dimension:Single end stamper:43 x 30 x 20 mm(green),35 x 25 mm(pink)
Double end stamper:88 x 30 mm
Weight:51 g
Package weight:61 g

Package Included:
1 x Set of Nail Art Stamping Plate (1 x double end stamper,2 x single end stamper,4 x scraper)


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