Manicure Set 12 Colors UV Gel Nail Kit Manicure Tools Nail Art Set Nail Brushes UV Set For Nails


Package contents:
1x 12 pcs Solid colored UV gel

1x UV Gel-white

1x UV Gel-Pink

1x UV Gel-Clear

1x Cleanser Plus

1x UV Top Coat

1x 4-way nail buffer block

1x pink buffer

1x small cleaning nail brush

1x practice Finger

100pc 10 Sizes Natural french false nail tips In Box  x1

1x Double Dappen dish

1x nail glue 3g

1x cuticle oil

1x 20pcs nail form

1x Nail Cutter

1 pair toes separator

1x Rhinestone wheel (by random)

1x Nail micro ball wheel

1 x 8pcs Zebra Nail Brushes

1x Cuticle Pusher

1x Cuticle Fork

1x Small Nail Cutter

1x Thin Black File

Notice !!
Nail products contain chemical component, please be careful when using them.
If in your kit contain glue, it can’t be dropped on skin or cloth.

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