12pcs/lot Nail Stickers Colorful Fake Nails French Tips False Nails Tips For Nail Art Fashion Manicure Tools



 1. A fast and easy way to tape and fix on your fingers.
 2. Leave them bare for a natural look or give yourself an attention-grabbing manicure.
 3.Durable Nail Art Practice / Display
 4.Suitable for nail polish / nail decoration display
 5. Suitable for all kinds of party and bride or fashion girls
Product contents:
12pc false nail tips x 1
1. Clean off any nail polish and give your nails a wipe over with the acetone-free polish remover to ensure there are no oils, natural or otherwise on the surface of your nail.
2. Clip your natural nail down close to the finger tip.
3. Buff the surface of the natural nail to roughen it, this makes the fake nails adhere better.
4. Very gently push your cuticles back using the orange stick.
5. Apply the nails to your dominant hand first, e.g. if you are left-handed apply to left hand first.
6. Put a dot of glue on to the fake nail and one on the real nail – try to avoid over-gluing.
7. Place the fake nail just above cuticle (keep it straight) and then press down onto nail bed. Keep pressure applied for 10 seconds to ensure no air bubbles are present before you go on to the next one.
This step is really important because if the fake nail is not secure to the nail bed, moisture will get in underneath and cause lifting or nail fungus.
8. Take a Q-Tip and wipe around the cuticle to take up any glue that has seeped out from under the fake nail.

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