5 pcs Tattoo 5FT 304 Tips Stainless Steel Tattoo for Guns Nozzle Set Body Makeup Supplies Tattoo Accessories


5-pcs-Tattoo-5FT-304-Tips-Stainless-Steel-Tattoo-for-Guns-Nozzle-Set-Body-Makeup-Supplies (1)5-pcs-Tattoo-5FT-304-Tips-Stainless-Steel-Tattoo-for-Guns-Nozzle-Set-Body-Makeup-SuppliesHTB1EUprOXXXXXaaapXXq6xXFXXXA

Please leave a message about which size do you like.
There are 3RT, 5RT, 7RT and 9RT;5FT, 7FT and 9FT.
1. Carefully designed, excellent for use
2. Great set to give you all the most popular tips in one easily market set
3. Easy to operate, very convinient
4. Professional standard length
5. High quality polish to ensure be easier cleaned
6. An essential addition to your tattoo studio
7. Professional grade for regular use and autoclaving
8. These tips to be easily autoclaved or sterilized and will never rust
9. Suitable for professional use or home use

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