125pcs Tattoo Clip Cord Bags Disposable Hygiene Supplies Safety fundas Barrier Accessories Permanent Makesup



Not covering a tattoo machine’s clipcord is one of the easiest ways to spread  contaminants, cover your tattoo machine’s clipcord before each tattoo to insure cleanliness for you and your customers, avoid any unwanted complications.
Practical, hygienic and helpful.
Effectively reduce the noise when the machine is working.
Prevent the allergy and inflammation or other bad and undesirable consequences that are caused by the tattoo ink.
Tattoo Clip Cord sleeves cover your clip cord and help to maintain a sterile workstation.
The clip cord sleeves work by going over the wire of the cord, creating a barrier for blood, ink and other dirty crap from getting onto the wire.
Having a barrier method for the wire is essential as it is one of the things during a tattoo that will move around and cross contaminate other things around your work area.
Using a barrier method like this for your clip cord will provide protection when working across the body for large areas, especially back pieces.
Also, this product will allow you to change from one machine to another without cross contamination.

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