1 pcs Watering Can Squeeze Water Bottles Measuring Tattoo Water Kettle Cleaning Set Tattoo Kit Supplies


1-pcs-Watering-Can-Squeeze-Water-Bottles-Measuring-Tattoo-Water-Kettle-Cleaning-Set-Tattoo-Kit-Supplies (1)1-pcs-Watering-Can-Squeeze-Water-Bottles-Measuring-Tattoo-Water-Kettle-Cleaning-Set-Tattoo-Kit-Supplies (2)1-pcs-Watering-Can-Squeeze-Water-Bottles-Measuring-Tattoo-Water-Kettle-Cleaning-Set-Tattoo-Kit-Supplies

Brand new and high quality.
Lightweight, soft and easy to squeeze
Measurement printed on bottle
Great for any serious artist.
Works for green soap, alcohol, etc.
Significantly reduces risk of airborne contamination that can occur in spray bottles.
1 piece

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