Pink Pro Overheat 30000 RPM Electric Nail Art Drill Manicure Machine Glazing Kit


Product Details:

100% Brand new in retail package

Rotation Up to 30,000 RPM

Easy to use dialing speed control

Forward and reverse operation switch

Improved Version : Quiet and smooth – very low vibration vesign for comfort grip

Improved handpiece cable ending design so that the cable will not loose out easily

Improved handpiece holding area to prevent overheating during a long period of usage.

Optional Foot pedal for easy operation and comfort

Use for both pedicure and manicure

The nail file can be used for natural as well as artificial nails For professional studio use or home use

Voltage: ** 110V~240V **

If your address is in 220V~240V countries like e.g. United Kingdom / Australia / All European Countries / etc, then we will send a 220V~240V standard machine to you .

If your address is in 110V~120V countries like e.g. U.S. / Canada / Japan , then…

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