12 Color Transparent Clear Solid Pure Glitter UV Builder Gel Nail Art Decor Set





This listing includes 12 color UV gel, choose 1 out of 4 styles

A03-012 12 Color Transparent UV GEL

A03-013 12 Color SOLID PURE UV GEL

A03-014 12 Color BIG GLITTER UV GEL

A03-015 12 Color Glittery UV GEL

Instructions: :

Finish the artificial nail to the desired shape and length. Using a gel brush, apply a thinlayer of the desired color gel to the surface of the nail from cuticle to tip.

Cure for 2 minutes in a Professional UV Light (36 Watts). If a lower wattage source maybe 9 Watts is used, cure for an additional 1-2 minutes.

Remove tacky layer and sticky residue with Cleanser Plus and Wiping Solution.

Gels must be mixed well before use. Do not expose to light or excessive heat. Use only as directed

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