12 Color Jumbo Velvet Flocking Dust Powder Decor Set Nail Art Tips Manicure DIY




1 x Set of 12 Colour Velvet Flocking Powder in big size 8g around

Product Details:

Set of 12 color velvet flocking powder in 12 different colors

Each color around 8g


1. Place a paper to protect the work area.

2. Apply base coat on your nails, wait it dry

3. Apply nail polish (same color as the Velvet Powder), wait ir dry

4. Apply the second layer of nail polish, immediately put the Velvet Powder on your nail, allow them dry naturally(you may use a tweezer to mix the velvet powder while using)

5. Use a dust brush to sweep away the excess velvet powder

6. For the excess velvet powder on the paper, you may pour it back into the pot

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